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Enrolling in the NAW Health Insurance Program is Simple

NAW Health Insurance Program - March 2008

The NAW Health Insurance Program and its partner Trustmark Affinity Markets offers Express Connect—a quick, convenient and paperless telephone enrollment for members companies and their employees. Telephone enrollment is a proven and successful process that reduces administrative paperwork and safeguards employee confidentiality when collecting personal and medical information.

Express Connect Benefits

  • Live representatives assist employees throughout the process
  • Accurate and confidential data collection
  • Convenient process with no complicated forms to complete
  • Faster turnaround times on premium rate estimates, and more!

What You—the Member Company—Need to Provide

  • Complete census, including names, date of birth, gender and coverage tier
  • Preferred enrollment time frame

Resources We Provide to You and Your Employees

  • The Express Underwriting Guide for Employers, which outlines the information needed to begin and complete the enrollment process.
  • Employer’s cover letter for employees
  • Copies of the Telephone Enrollment Application Guide for each employee, which details information collected during the application process.

Completing the Enrollment Process

Employers set aside up to three days for the application period and ask their employees to:

  • Call the Call Center for the application process between 7 am to 6 pm EST
  • Read and understand all Agreements and Notices, and give their acknowledgment during the call
  • Call even if waiving coverage

Once all employees have completed the phone application process, an underwritten premium rate, based on the information received during the application process, will be provided, usually within 48 hours.

To learn more about the NAW Health Insurance Program, visit www.naw.flexiblebenefit.com. You or your health insurance agent can also call Flex directly at 866-472-5397.