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The Global Economy Brings New Insurance Challenges – Are You Covered?

Tips from The Hartford - February 2008

Two forces, economic globalization and the shifting of manufacturing facilities overseas have changed the way many wholesaler-distributors operate. Instead of shipping goods only within the boundaries of the lower 48 states, many today ship globally. Wholesaler-distributors need the ability to protect commodities as they are shipped across international borders.

The Hartford Can Respond

Many wholesaler-distributors need The Hartford’s Worldwide Transportation policy to cover goods that are shipping by air or by sea, as well as by the connecting conveyances, such as truck or train. This policy provides:

Concealed Damage – because damage can easily go undetected beyond the tail of ordinary coverage, The Hartford can provide additional time to discover transit losses if packages are not opened for up to 120 days after receipt.

Containerization, Consolidation & Deconsolidation – After goods are shipped, bad things can happen. You need continuous coverage as cargo is loaded onto trucks, repacked by exporters or unpacked for distribution to the final destination. The Hartford can respond.

Customs Damage & Detainment – The Hartford provides coverage for direct physical damage caused by U.S. or Canadian Customs Services while performing their inspection duties. Also, they will pay up to $10,000 to cover the cost of bonds to release cargo held during law enforcement activities.

Expediting Expense – Sometimes simply replacing damaged goods is not feasible. With the prevalence of “just in time” inventory and delivery logistics, it’s important to be able to make immediate repairs or quickly replace damaged goods to complete sales. This important coverage provides for the extra costs associated with rapid delivery service. Expediting Expense coverage provides up to $10,000 to quickly make necessary repairs and secure parts, including the cost to fly repair personnel to the repair site, if needed.

Fraudulent Documentation – The risk of loss due to acceptance of fraudulent shipping documents is often unrecognized and can lead to significant costs that many carriers will not cover. The Hartford protects clients and their shipments when, unknowingly, they are misled by false documentation from individuals unscrupulously representing themselves as proper carriers and a covered loss results. The Hartford provides this distinctive coverage automatically.

Take advantage of The Hartford’s solution and protect your goods while they are being transported. Superior coverage is just one of the many reasons we chose The Hartford as our endorsed commercial insurance provider.

Compare your current coverage to The Hartford value proposition. We know you’ll be glad you did. Click here to ask a Hartford Agent to contact you or if your current agent is licensed with The Hartford, ask them to provide a quote for you.


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