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Automation Creates Need for E-Commerce Insurance

Tips from The Hartford - January 2008

Wholesaler-distributors are becoming more and more dependant on technology and equipment to boost productivity and cut expenses. Increased use of the internet and heavy reliance on automated equipment to move merchandise efficiently has created additional causes of loss for wholesaler-distributors.

Where would you be if a virus caused your computer network to crash, or if an artificially generated electric current damaged your material handling equipment? Would you be out of pocket if one of your salespeople had a laptop stolen?

Superior coverage is just one of the reasons that we chose The Hartford as our endorsed commercial insurance carrier. They offer low-cost solutions for some exposures that could be a high-tech nightmare. Here are just some of the ways:

Connection to the internet creates vulnerability to virus attacks, particularly via e-mail. The Hartford can cover the costs to clean out the virus, repair or replace the computer equipment and restore data and programming.

Many wholesaler-distributors rely upon specialized material handling equipment to move merchandise quickly. The Hartford offers equipment breakdown coverage for computers, material handling equipment, air conditioners, phone systems and steam boilers when damaged by mechanical breakdown, or by artificially generated electric current. Equipment breakdown coverage provides for property damage, business interruption losses, spoilage and more.

Today’s wholesaler-distributor sales force is heavily reliant upon technology. Traveling with a laptop computer is commonplace. The Hartford can provide coverage for laptops – worldwide.

Computers and equipment are costly; protect your investment. Compare your current coverage to The Hartford value proposition. Click here to ask a Hartford Agent to contact you, or if your current agent is licensed with The Hartford, ask them to provide a quote for you.


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