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May 31, 2017  |  ByNAW Staff
NAW-Modern Innovative Distribution Strategies

Modern Innovative Distribution Strategies

In today’s distribution landscape, firms are getting pressure from every angle. Customers are demanding that distributors provide value-added services, lower cycle time, higher inventory turns not to mention rebates and discounts. Suppliers, on the other hand, are asking the distributors to push inventory, have direct channels to customers, and every now and again, threaten to go directly to the end users. All this while distributors are dealing with industry consolidation, tightening credit and traditional as well as non-traditional competition.

During a recent NAW Billion Dollar Operations Roundtable, the topic of “Modern Innovative Distribution Strategies” presented by Tray Anderson and Helgi Thor Leja of Fortna to senior distribution leaders discussed ways to overcome these and other obstacles that might be “coming around the corner.” Customer service expectations, flexibility, transportation and labor costs were all discussed, and the members of this exclusive group pinpointed a few solutions they could all immediately implement for an almost instant ROI.

>> Download “Modern Innovative Distribution Strategies” Presentation HERE

**This blog post was inspired by recent presentations from the NAW Roundtables including the “Modern Innovative Distribution Strategies” session by Tray Anderson & Helgi Thor Leja of Fortna. The topic of “Innovation” has been a key subject area at all of the Billion Dollar Roundtables (CEO, CFO, CHRO, CIO, CLO and Operations) and Large Company Roundtables (CEO, CFO and Operations). If you are interested of which topics are “top of mind” for NAW thought leaders, you are encouraged to view all of the upcoming NAW Roundtable agendas at NAW Events.

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