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As always, the NAW Government Relations team continues to monitor and provide updates on the issues of greatest significance to NAW members and the wholesale distribution industry.  The issue briefs posted below are updated to reflect the most recent information available from Congress and the Administration.

However, very little activity is taking place today on the conventional issues we normally cover and report on.  The coronavirus pandemic necessitated radical change in public policy procedures and practices, with major policies and programs being created and implemented in record-fast time.  Massive new programs are being enacted with unprecedented speed, government agencies and departments are issuing an ever-changing stream of regulations and guidelines to implement the new policies, and NAW’s Government Relations team has responded to this new reality by closely tracking the quickly-changing policy landscape to provide our members with critical information as frequently as needed.

We have distributed to NAW member companies almost daily “Critical Updates” to keep them informed of policy initiatives and regulatory actions and to provide them with wide-ranging resources they may find useful in their business operations.

If you are not an NAW member but would like more information on these updates and resources, please contact our corporate relations department at

Following are legislative issue briefs currently available: