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NAW Government Relations

Legislative Issue Briefs

Your NAW government relations staff engages the legislative and executive branches of government on the industry's behalf to effect the outcome of a wide range of legislative issues of interest to wholesaler-distributors across all commodity lines. Periodically, your Capitol Hill advocacy team provides briefs updating industry executives on the status of the most significant of these issues and provides insight on what the immediate future may hold. To view the menu of issue briefs currently available, click find out more below.

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NAW Advisories

The executive branch of the federal government implements federal law by issuing regulations. The judicial branch has its say in the application of laws by issuing decisions interpreting them. Regulatory initiatives and judicial decisions are frequently as, if not more, important than legislative activity in affecting the ability of wholesaler-distributors to manage their own businesses. When a significant regualtory or judicial decision is concluded, NAW prepares advisories summarizing the action and its potential impact of industry firms. To view the menu of advisories now on-line, click find out more below.

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NAW E-Alert Grassroots Program

A critical component of NAW's ability to effectively engage the Congress on the industry's behalf and positively effect the outcome of legislation of importance to wholesaler-distributors is grassroots; i.e., generating from the "folks back home" contacts with their own Senators and Representatives, thus bringing the views of real constituents and voters to the attention of lawmakers. NAW's E-Alert program is designed precisely for that purpose. Using the magic of 21st century communications technology, NAW is able to reach out to affiliated executives and they, in turn, to their federal legislators on legislative issues that matter to ensure the wholesaler-distributor's voice is heard when the legislative process is at a critical juncture. Always be on the lookout for e-mail communications advising of the need for grassroots contacts with Members of the Senate and House, which will provide direction on how to engage the E-Alert program.

Election 2016

We make available a set of very easy to use tools – on line and in real time – for you to obtain information and materials needed to register to vote, secure absentee ballots, and learn whether early voting is possible in your state.

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Contribute to NAW-PAC

NAW's political arm, the NAW Political Action Committee (NAW-PAC), was created to affect the composition of Congress by helping elect pro-business candidates supportive of the wholesale distribution industry. In addition, NAW-PAC provides resources for essential political activities such as voter registration drives and supplying detailed information about candidates.

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Washington Action Network

NAW's Washington Action Network identifies and catalogs personal relationships between Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and industry executives. Our ability to generate constituent communications from businessmen and women who enjoy personal relationships with their elected officials provides a uniquely valuable, effective tool in our grassroots lobbying efforts.

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