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The Political Action Fund (PAF)

Who Can Contribute

PAF can accept contributions only from a "restricted class" of individuals. The eligible restricted class includes individuals who are U.S. citizens and are executive or administrative personnel of a company that belongs to NAW as a Direct Member, or that belongs to any of the national associations that comprise NAW. If you are not a member of the restricted class described above, you cannot make a contribution to the Political Action Fund. NOTE: Should a contribution be made by an individual who does not meet the requirements of the restricted class, a refund will be issued by NAW-PAC.

What Funds Can Be Accepted

Federal law requires that all contributions to PAF be in the form of personal dollars from individuals only. PAF may not accept corporate contributions.

Your Contribution at Work

PAF uses your contributions to help support candidates running for Federal office. This fund is unique in that it donates 100 cents on every dollar directly to the candidates in order to increase pro-business representation in Congress.

Contribute Now

Before making a personal contribution to this fund, please review the "Who Can Contribute" information above. If you meet the requirements of the "restricted class" described above, and you'd like to learn how to make a contribution to the Political Action Fund now, click here.

The Corporate Political Education Fund (CPEF)

Who Can Contribute

CPEF can receive corporate contributions from anyone.

What Funds Can Be Accepted

Federal law requires that all contributions to this fund be in the form of corporate dollars. CPEF may not accept personal, individual contributions.

Your Contribution at Work

CPEF uses your corporate contributions to help support political activities including voter registration drives, supplying information on which candidates are running for Federal office in your area, and detailed candidate profiles. In addition, contributions to this fund provide the resources necessary to allow the WDPAC team to raise additional financial support for candidates.

Contribute Now

If you would like to make a corporate contribution to the Corporate Political Education Fund now, click here.