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Facing the Forces of Change® 2013: Questionnaires

Below are links to the questionnaires for this year's Facing the Forces of Change® survey. We greatly appreciate your participation in this important research.

Some important notes:

  • Presidents, chief executives, owners, and other top executives from wholesale distribution firms should complete the CEO survey.
  • Other executives should complete the survey that best aligns with their functional responsibilities.
  • Each individual should only complete one survey. Please provide responses to all questions, adding comments where appropriate.
  • We strongly encourage executives from multiple functions within the same company to complete surveys.
  • Track your progress using the “% complete” graphic in the top right of every page.
  • Your responses are automatically saved as you progress; there is no need to “submit” your completed survey.
  • The survey links work best if viewed using Internet Explorer, but are fully functional if accessed via other browsers (e.g., Firefox).
  • Contact Guy Blissett at Guy.Blissett@us.ibm.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.