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CLO Roundtable Sponsorship Available

May 16-17, 2017 at the O’Hare Hilton

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“The Billion Dollar CLO Roundtable is a great opportunity to network with peers and discuss common issues and brainstorm. I often find our discussions more useful than the continuing legal education seminars we general counsel must attend.”

Matthew Geekie, Senior Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel, Graybar Electric Company

The NAW Billion Dollar Company Chief Legal Officer Roundtable for direct members was created as a new mechanism for the Chief Legal Officers of large distribution enterprises to network with non-competing peers in multiple lines of trade on key finance issues.

Similar to other billion dollar roundtables NAW has created for the CIO, CFO, Operations, and Human Resource executive, this by invitation only roundtable is composed of executives from billion dollar companies that meet in Chicago two times per year. This highly interactive group consists of the SENIOR-MOST legal executives. The annual fee is $1,800 per member, which covers meeting costs for two events in a twelve month cycle. Participants are expected to cover the cost of their hotel and travel. Once the annual fee is paid, there are no additional fees to attend the meetings, which will last one day beginning with a reception and dinner the evening before.

The participating companies can also name an alternate who can take the place of the Legal Executive, should that person be unable to attend the scheduled meeting.

If you would like to learn more, please contact John Peter or Tamela Blalock at 202.872.0885.

Eligibility: Companies with $1B+ in annual revenue.
The NAW Billion Dollar Roundtable is the only opportunity that provides networking and benchmarking exclusively with other top executives of non competing, like-sized Wholesale-Distribution companies.

NAW Billion Dollar Company CLO Roundtable Agenda

Day 1 - May 16, 2017

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Drinks & Dialogue Reception

Come prepared to meet and mingle with your fellow participants from the largest firms in the industry.

Jade West

Jade West


7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Billion Dollar Executive Dinner

As a bonus, the dinner session will also feature Jade West, NAW’s Senior Vice President-Government Relations and Executive Director of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors Political Action Committee (NAW-PAC) who was named the 2015 Lobbyist of the Year by CEO Update.

Make sure to attend the most exclusive executive supper club in Chicago this evening! This dinner is your opportunity to pick the brains of the senior executives for the top wholesale distribution companies in the industry. This is a joint dinner that will include the CLO, HR and Operations executives attending the spring Roundtable.

About The Speaker

Jade West is Senior Vice President-Government Relations for the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors. She also serves as Executive Director of the NAW Political Action Committee. Jade is the senior lobbyist for NAW, advocating the interests of the wholesale distribution industry in Washington both on Capitol Hill and in the regulatory agencies.

In addition, she is Executive Secretariat for the 1,000-member Tax Relief Coalition and the LIFO Coalition. Jade is a Steering Committee member of the Alliance for Tax Fairness and Growth, and she is on the Management Committee of the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, which leads the opposition to organized labor’s effort to remove secret ballot elections from union certification elections and force employers into binding “interest arbitration” in negotiating contracts. Jade is also a Director of the Business Industry Political Action Committee and a Founder and Director of the trade association Get Out the Vote Best Practices Group, both working to maximize the turnout of pro-business voters in federal elections.

Before joining NAW in 2002, Jade was a senior aide on Capitol Hill for more than 20 years.

Day 2 - May 17, 2017

7:00 AM – 7:45 AM

8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Opening Session & Discussion

“California’s Proposition 65: Issues and Strategies for Compliance With Recently Adopted Amendments to Go into Effect in 2018”

Joseph Orzano

Associate at Seyfarth, Shaw LLP

Jay W. Connolly

Partner at Seyfarth, Shaw LLP

California’s Proposition 65, known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, requires businesses with 10 or more employees to give “clear and reasonable” warnings to California consumers before knowingly and intentionally exposing them to known carcinogens or reproductive toxins. On August 30, 2016, the California Office of Administrative Law approved the adoption of new regulations for clear and reasonable warnings under Proposition 65. Products manufactured on or after August 30, 2018 will need to comply with the new regulations—as will certain California business operations—unless the business provides a warning for an exposure in compliance with a court-ordered settlement or final judgment to which it is a party.

This program will provide background on current Proposition 65 requirements, including safe harbor warning methods and content. The program will also cover key changes under the new regulations impacting businesses selling products into, or operating in, the State of California, with a particular focus on challenges faced by distributors. Strategies for achieving compliance in advance of the 2018 deadline will also be explored in an interactive format.

About The Speakers

Mr. Orzano is a Senior Associate with the law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP. He focuses his practice on complex commercial litigation, with a particular emphasis on consumer fraud class actions arising out of product labeling and related advertising claims. Mr. Orzano also regularly counsels clients on product labeling and warning requirements to help them avoid litigation and achieve compliance. Mr. Orzano has in-depth knowledge of California consumer protection statutes, FDA and USDA food-labeling requirements, and the warning requirements of California’s Proposition 65. Mr. Orzano earned his J.D., with honors, from The George Washington University School of Law in 2006 and a B.A..from Georgetown University in 1997. He is licensed to practice law in the State of California.

Mr. Connolly is a partner with the law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP and leads the Firm’s Product Liability & Complex Tort Practice Group. He is resident in the Firm’s San Francisco office with a national practice that focuses on complex tort and product liability litigation and complex business and commercial litigation, including consumer class actions involving product labeling and advertising. He has over a decade of experience representing dozens of manufacturers, distributers, retailers and restaurants, in responding to Proposition 65 Notices of Violation and defending ensuing litigation involving a wide scope of products and chemicals, as well as counseling clients regarding Proposition 65 compliance. Mr. Connolly earned his J.D. from Boalt Hall, University of California, Berkeley in 1984 and a B.S., with honors, from the University of San Francisco in 1981. Mr. Connolly is licensed to practice law in the State of California.

9:30 AM – 9:45 AM

Mark A. Lies, II

Partner at Seyfarth, Shaw LLP

9:45 AM – 11:00 AM
General Session & Discussion

“What To Expect From OSHA in 2017 and Beyond…”

Every employer has a drug testing policy, even if that policy is to not test its employees or prospects. Performing drug testing on current or prospective employees requires specific criteria, and proper handling of the testing, in order to avoid liability for discrimination. In late 2016, OSHA enacted new regulations designed to curtail employee intimidation through the threat of drug testing. These new regulations give OSHA compliance officers the authority to issue citations to employers for any retaliation or perceived retaliation that would deter reporting. An important difference is that under the new rule, OSHA will now be able to cite an employer for retaliation even if the employee did not file a complaint, or if the employer has a program that deters or discourages reporting through the threat of retaliation.

This session will review case studies on permitted and prohibited uses of drug testing as it relates to workers compensation claims in light of the recent changes to the OSHA regulations.

About The Speaker

Mark is a Labor and Employment Attorney and Partner with Seyfarth Shaw. He specializes in Occupational Safety and Health Law and related employment law and personal injury litigation. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1968 and DePaul University School of Law in 1974. He was a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Navy and is a Vietnam Veteran.

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Open Discussion

This session is set aside for you to raise any issue you would like and have the group provide their thoughts. This is an open forum to further discuss any item on the agenda or to bring up topics that are not on the agenda. Make sure to take notes during this session, you may find a perfect topic to suggest for the next NAW Roundtable.

12:00 PM – 12:45 PM
Joint Networking Lunch with HR and Operations Executives

This is the “halftime” period where you meet up with all of the Billion Dollar Company senior executives at this week’s Roundtable to compare ideas and benchmark across disciplines. All 3 groups: Operations, HR and CLO executives will attend this joint lunch.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Closing Session & Discussion

“Defining the CLOs Role in a Cyber Security Framework”

Lucie F. Huger

Officer at Greensfelder

Mary Ann L. Wymore

Officer at Greensfelder

In a 2016 survey, nearly 60% of billion dollar CLOs said data security is a pressing issue this year. Additionally, 22% of CLOs said their company has experienced a data breach in the last two years. Although data security issues are almost impossible to completely avoid today, however, more and more government entities are enforcing mandatory notification and emergency response plans. With the understanding that cyber theft and sabotage are among the most common cyber threats for billion dollar enterprises, there is an important role for CLOs to play by working with their organization’s IT team to explore ways to minimize cyber threats.

Expectations for this session:

  1. To give the CLO more comfort in understanding the role of in-house counsel in developing and implementing both proactive and reactive programs to avoid a data breach and to stand ready with a carefully crafted effective incident response plan in the event of a data breach
  2. To help the CLO navigate multiple overlapping laws, frameworks, regulations, orders and guidance


  • Understanding how to formulate and implement a proactive approach to avoid common causes for data breaches
  • Understanding the components of an effective incident response plan in the event of a data breach
  • Understanding the legal framework in which a data breach will be analyzed and adjudicated
  • Gaining insight into the NIST framework and related issues
  • Understanding federal law and state law requirements that all cyber security programs must take into account

About The Speakers

Lucie Huger is experienced in providing counsel on data breaches, including those involving health information privacy and security matters relating to HIPAA, as well as state privacy laws. Her work includes developing compliance programs, providing education, coordinating an organized approach in addressing data breaches and representing clients involved in government investigations. Lucie represents businesses in numerous industries, as well as nonprofit health care and religious organizations. She is a leader of the firm’s efforts to address privacy and security issues for all types of businesses and organizations that collect personally identifiable information, drawing on the knowledge of attorneys in a diverse range of practices.

Mary Ann Wymore’s knowledge of the fast-changing communications and media industries allows her to represent clients in a range of legal issues. She handles an array of general commercial litigation, representing communications providers, media organizations, advertising firms, businesses and individuals in the areas of privacy, advertising, media, defamation, constitutional and technology law, unfair competition, intellectual property and cybersecurity. Her intellectual property work includes matters related to trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks and patents. She regularly litigates lawsuits arising under the Lanham Act and various state advertising and consumer protection laws in trial and appellate courts. Mary Ann frequently assists with pre-publication review, evaluating legal issues ranging from clearance rights and gathering and collecting information to the avoidance of privacy or publishing liability. She also helps clients ensure they are in compliance with the widely varying state and federal regulations on sweepstakes and promotions.

2:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Set Agenda for Next Meeting Scheduled for November 14-15, 2017

2:30 PM

NAW Billion Dollar CLO Roundtable Participants, Spring 2017

The following wholesale distribution companies are registered for the Spring 2017 Roundtable:

  • ABC Supply
  • American Hotel Register Company
  • Boise Cascade
  • Brenntag
  • Bunzl Distribution USA Inc
  • Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc
  • Essendant Inc
  • Graybar Electric Co Inc
  • M R C Global
  • PrimeSource
  • SRS Distribution
  • WW Grainger

The following wholesale distribution companies attended the previous NAW Billion Dollar CLO Roundtable:

  • ABC Supply
  • ADI (Honeywell)
  • Avnet Inc
  • Ben E Keith
  • Bunzl Distribution USA Inc
  • Do It Best
  • Dot Foods Inc
  • Essendant
  • Ferguson Enterprises
  • Grainger
  • Gordon Food Service
  • Graybar Electric Co Inc
  • M S C Industrial Direct Co Inc
  • M R C Global
  • Patterson Companies Inc
  • Poolcorp
  • ProBuild
  • Rexel Holdings (Gexpro)
  • SRS Distribution
  • Sysco Corporation
  • True Value Company
  • Uline
  • United Stationers Inc
  • WW Grainger

Meeting Location:
Chicago Hilton O’Hare
10000 W O’Hare Ave.
Chicago, IL 60666
(773) 686-8000