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Taking a Holistic Approach to Risk and Benefits

You start by building a better workplace. One that attracts, engages and retains top talent at the right cost. That’s why the Gallagher Better Works℠ comprehensive approach to organizational well-being aligns your people strategy with your overall business goals. It centers on strategically investing in your people’s health, talent, financial well-being and career growth at the right cost structures to support a multi-generational workforce. And it utilizes data, helping you gather insights and apply best practices that promote productivity and growth. As you develop and sustain a well-being culture, you’ll optimize your annual talent investment and mitigate organizational risk to maximize profitability. Best of all, you’ll gain a competitive advantage as a workplace that simply works better. Because while your best is finite, your better is never finished.  To learn more, visit Gallagher Better Works.

Gallagher makes your challenges our own, as we work to understand your organization and employees, and help you identify and make the most of your unique opportunities through:

Health And Welfare, And Healthcare Analytics Consulting

Invest in your employees and your future with a comprehensive benefits program that reduces your risk, meets your cost targets and helps you compete for top talent. As a true partner, Gallagher listens, advises and provides strategic, customized solutions to address your financial, operational and regulatory business challenges. You get a solution that makes sense for your employees and the ongoing health of your organization.

With support from Gallagher’s Healthcare Analytics team, you’ll optimize the strength and performance of your benefits program by understanding the true cost drivers. Gallagher uses proprietary tools to synthesize and leverage raw claims data, providing objective benchmarks, insights and understanding into what’s really happening and why.

Human Resources And Compensation Consulting

Human capital is one of your organization’s largest investments. You need to optimize that investment by attracting, retaining and rewarding the right people who drive growth and profitability in your organization. By partnering with NAW and Gallagher a trusted resource to help you get to the root causes of your organizational challenges and design effective, customized solutions, you’ll leverage your resources strategically to help your organization achieve its objectives.

Learn how a strategic, big-picture approach to human resources and compensation can bring meaningful change, sustainable growth and a competitive edge to your workforce and your organization.

Retirement Planning And Executive Benefits Consulting

Maximize your total benefits and compensation by aligning your retirement philosophy and plans with your organization’s goals. A consultative partnership with Gallagher helps you manage plan selection, design and structure, regulations, filing requirements, employee education and long-term retirement planning for your employees. A new view of your retirement plan could help deliver a complete benefits program to attract and retain top talent, align with your organizational goals and provide financial confidence for your employees.

What can you do to attract, retain and reward the executives who lead your organization? Gallagher helps you structure a strategic compensation program that nurtures loyalty, meets your specific financial goals and helps you secure effective leadership that will help drive your organization forward.

Voluntary Benefits Consulting

Attracting, retaining and engaging talent can be a challenge in today’s market. There is a need to create solutions that are cost-effective and aligned with your organizational culture. But how do you offer a wider selection of benefits without affecting your bottom line? Two words–voluntary benefits.

Voluntary benefits help provide additional coverage to your employees, giving them greater security, improving confidence in their financial well-being and increasing their engagement with their work. And because employees pay for the voluntary benefits they choose, it’s cost-effective for your organization. Your NAW-Gallagher consultant can help you determine what benefits make the most sense for your employees and can help you customize a communication strategy so each employee clearly understands his or her benefits.

Let Gallagher help you attract, retain and reward top talent with a holistic, integrated and sustainable total rewards strategy that reduces your risk, controls costs and helps your organization grow. Contact your NAW-Gallagher consultant today.

Benefit Advocacy Center

The Gallagher Benefit Advocate Center offers a personalized service for your organization that helps your employees and their dependents by answering their benefit questions using a single dedicated or toll-free phone number.  Your dedicated Benefit Advocate has extensive experience working with health plans and will deliver the high level of service and customer satisfaction you’ll come to expect from Gallagher.

HR and Benefits Technology

With a myriad of technology providers flooding the market, it’s important to identify solutions that align with your organization’s goals, culture and budget.  The HR & Benefits Technology Consulting team at Gallagher can help you, assess your options, identify and mitigate risk, evaluate providers, provide smooth transitions with implementation support and help you to get the most from current or new technology.

Health and Welfare Plan Legislative Compliance

The increasing complexity in governmental regulation over the past decade has impacted every area of human resources and employee benefits administration. Gallagher’s legislative compliance team will take an active role in helping you stay current on, and in compliance with, the multitude of federal, state and local laws and regulations.