Delivering for Best-in-Class Wholesaler-Distributors

NAW’s new, exclusive partner for B2B commerce technology, Unified Commerce Solutions (UCS), empowers wholesaler-distributors to overcome revenue cycle challenges with a never-before offered unified payment platform. The NAW-UCS solution, U-Commerce, disrupts traditional, inefficient processes and puts you in control to:


  • Manage all payment types easily, with unified technology solutions.
  • Replace lengthy time-to-pay cycles with same or next day payments.
  • Reduce and sometimes, eliminate credit card fees
  • Increase margins by automating manual invoice and deposit processes.
  • Integrate payment data directly into AR and ERP systems.
  • Become PCI compliant with relative ease.
  • Analyze payment data, including enhanced Level-3 Data, with rich analytics.

The NAW-UCS U-Commerce Solution is the platform for all types of payments, including:

  • Digital Invoicing with Pay Now feature
  • ACH Payment Solutions
  • Mobile Payments
  • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and Mobile RDC
  • Cash, Checks and much more

Backed by concierge-level, best-in-class U.S.-based customer service and technical support, UCS brings to you more than 80 years of combined management success partnering with premier trade associations, financial institutions and software developers. The NAW-UCS U-Commerce Solution is the uniquely positioned and state-of-the-art platform for your B2B e-commerce.

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