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Council for Research on Distributor Best Practices

Testimonials From Past Research Testimonials From Past Research Consortia

Pricing Optimization Consortium

“Given the complexity of pricing, Texas A&M’s Pricing Optimization program has gone a long way to specifying all the relevant elements and more importantly putting them in terms that can be quantified and managed.”
Lawrence Mohr, Ph. D., Senior Vice President (retired), F.W. Webb Company

“This program seems to be a detailed examination of the world of pricing. It has been developed from real data that forms theories, develops strategies, and arrives at practical ways to improve profitability. This should be part of the future of distribution.”
Charlie Henry, Manager of Pricing, Kirby Risk Electrical Supply

“We recognize that pricing is critical to our customers…participating in this consortium has given us additional insight into these challenges. This firsthand look at current pricing research has the potential to help both us and our customers.”
Felisha Elmore, Product Manager, Intuit Eclipse

“Opened up our minds to the idea of using both computer and personal data to manage pricing…”
“Very good information that directly affects our bottom-line…”
“Start to finish, great course...Very detailed and down to earth…”

Comments from a Custom Educational Program, HVAC Distributor

“The Pricing Optimization conference provided an expert level of analysis and insight that every distributor needs but few have the time or resources to produce on their own. It was both timely and valuable.”
Paul Sommerfeld, Director, Applications & Training, CSC (WESCO)

“Not only does Pricing Optimization empower and equip each sales representative, but it also addresses the potential impact of streamlining operations with a clear and defined sales plan.”
Andy Warren, Market Manager, Energy Alloys

Optimizing Distributor Profitability Consortium

"Have done the impossible...taken a complicated subject with many variables and been able to deliver to the consortium members the tools we can use to optimize profitability and shareholder value. A picture is worth 1,000 words and A&M’s Distributor Profitability Framework chart is worth 100,000 words!"
Ron Cedruly, CFO, Henrietta Building Supplies

"We just want to express our gratitude for A&M’s efforts and patience and commend A&M on a job well done on all counts. The professionalism of the A&M team and the work product developed and presented were outstanding!"
Gary Bodam, Ph.D., Vice President – HR, Stuart C. Irby

"It's rare that people in business exchange their valuable time to immerse themselves in a concentrated learning environment. However, the value received is immeasurable.”
Tim Miller, Vice President, Operations, Security Contractor Services

Sales and Marketing Optimization Consortium

"I am blown away by the scope of this Sales and Marketing Optimization book and the depth of knowledge and real-world experience it contains. I only wish I had a reference like this at the beginning of my career. Fortunately, I have it now and it’s not too late to do something with it! This book is very actionable with constant emphasis on measurable results at the shareholder and stakeholder levels. This is simply the best sales and marketing book for distributors that I have ever read!"
Byron Potter, Vice Chairman and CEO, Dallas Wholesale Builders Supply, Inc.

"The framework in the Sales and Marketing Optimization book has delivered a highly detailed road map in which our company can design, build, and execute against our future company vision. Nowhere have I seen such a concise approach to mapping out so many best practices and processes around what is becoming one of most important activities in wholesale distribution…sales and marketing."
Martin Naeger, Senior Manager–Business Planning and Development, L&W Supply

"Today’s competitive environment requires that management make better data-driven decisions. Sales and Marketing Optimization will map for you the process to make better, informed decisions. We can no longer afford to treat the sales process as an art; it requires a structured approach and this publication will provide you with the tools to accomplish that in your organization."
Joseph Nettemeyer, President and CEO, Valin Corporation

"Womack Machine Supply literally owes much of its success to Texas A&M’s Industrial Distribution program. We have successfully used their consortia and research projects to improve profitability, operations and supply chain management practices."
Mike Rowlett, CEO, Womack Machine Supply

Optimizing Growth and Market Share Consortium

"I’ve attended Texas A&M distribution consortium sessions, and I’ve found them to be among the best, most thought-provoking gatherings I’ve ever experienced in all my years in the distribution business."
Byron Potter, CEO, Dallas Wholesale Builders Supply