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Who Can Contribute

The NAW Corporate Political Education Fund (CPEF) can receive corporate contributions from anyone.

What Funds Can Be Accepted

Federal law requires that all contributions to this fund be in the form of corporate dollars. CPEF may not accept personal, individual contributions.

Your Contribution at Work

CPEF uses your corporate contributions to help support political activities including voter registration drives, get-out-the-vote initiatives, candidate voting records and profiles, and the when-where-how to vote early/vote absentee/vote in person on Election Day. In addition, contributions to this fund provide the resources necessary to allow the NAW-PAC team to raise additional financial support for candidates.

Contribute Now

If you would like to make a corporate contribution to the Corporate Political Education Fund now, click here.

Corporate Political Education Fund Contribution Form

This form is for credit card contributions. To make your contribution by corporate check, please click here to view and print the form. Make your check payable to NAW-PAC, and mail the form and check to:

Corporate Political Education Fund of the
NAW Political Action Committee (NAW-PAC)

1325 G St NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20005