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Competing like Amazon Business in a Post-Pandemic World – Differentiating with Digital Experience #3

If you have been trapped in a swamp for several weeks, you may have missed the announcement that Amazon’s B2B segment, Amazon Business, hit the $25 billion mark for worldwide revenue in March. This may not surprise you, given how Amazon’s consumer business shaped the buying habits of Millennials and Zoomers who now represent a [...]

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Driving E-commerce Excellence: The Critical Role of a Digital Experience Platform – Differentiating with Digital Experience #2

Expanding purchasing and sales online can mean great things for a distributor of B2B products — new markets, more revenue and less stress on your in-person sales force. However, for many B2B companies moving into digital for the first time, it can be overwhelming to make sense of all the new terminology, principles, metrics and [...]

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Don’t Personalize Your B2B E-commerce Site, Contextualize It – Differentiating with Digital Experience #1

Personalization is table stakes for any successful e-commerce website that offers more than a handful of products. As the diversity of products grows and each item becomes more targeted in use, it's not practical to present one's full selection to all customers (i.e., "Results 1-25 of 151,432 products"). It falls to site merchandisers to refine [...]

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