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Chairman’s Column: Attract, Train, Challenge!

What does it take to win in the digital game? I have pondered this question for more than a decade. There are more questions: What does the organization look like that will prevail in the digital arena? How does a CEO develop a vision for the future, when that future is charging toward a new [...]

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Chairman’s Column: It’s the Experience Baby!

At the NAW Executive Summit in January of 2016, Richard Balaban, formerly of Oliver Wyman, contributed a thought provoking presentation entitled, “Future Challenges for Wholesaler-Distributors to Focus on Today.” Early in that presentation he described how the role of the distributor is changing from being “a logistician of product” to becoming “the purveyor of quick [...]

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Chairman’s Column: Digital Transformation Begins with Data

The digital revolution is sweeping the wholesale distribution community. What’s more, the world is doubling the amount of data generated by all humans across all time about every five years. Which means that every song ever written and every poem, photograph and film created in human history is going to double over the next five […]

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Chairman’s Column: Transform or Be Left Behind

You may be asking, “Why is it important to innovate?” Let’s go back 40 years and look at a company that was at the top of its game. I was just entering the workforce, and one of the premier companies to land a sales trainee position with was Eastman Kodak. The company had its choice […]

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