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NAW Chally Group Worldwide

Talent Management Solutions to Help Distributors Drive Productivity,
Developmental Costs, and Gain a Competitive Advantage

Driving innovation and growth requires a focus on optimizing your most vital asset, your people! Chally provides research-based information and analytics that enable wholesaler-distributors to transform their workforce into the high-performance force necessary to survive and thrive. Chally provides solutions to help wholesaler-distributors make critical talent management decisions and minimize risks associated with:

  • Selecting the right people
  • Developing employees in critical competencies required for success
  • Aligning job competencies with expected performance metrics
  • Matching talent to business strategy, goals,
    and customer deliverables
  • Measuring potential versus actual performance
  • Identifying high-potential employees and managing succession
  • Helping employees engage and stay motivated

“People are our most important resource. WinWholesale has used Chally as an additional data point in our recruiting process. The Chally assessment method allows us to understand candidates at a deeper level and ensure the success of the people we hire and the success of our company.” — Rick Schwartz, CEO and Chairman of the Board, WinWholesale 

“Having a highly focused consultative sales force is critical to success as a distributor. Over my 25 years within distribution, I have experienced the value and accuracy that Chally delivers to their clients. Chally knows sales and distribution.” — Jack J. George, Vice President Corporate Distributors, Hillyard, Inc. 

Sales Force Hiring Best Practices for Wholesale Distribution Organizations

Wholesale distribution firms face a growing, largely demographic challenge in recruiting talent for their sales organizations. Recent research shows that world-class organizations overcome these issues by implementing a more rational hiring process, based on the measurable and quantitative characteristics of the most successful sales professionals. Read this complimentary report focused on helping NAW members increase the effectiveness of hiring sales talent and sales leadership by improving strategies and tactics for sourcing, selection, and onboarding.

Proven by Independent Research

Chally has been proven by independent research firms to be THE provider of choice for organizational potential and performance measurement needs. Two research firms, Aberdeen Group and CSO Insights, have conducted studies revealing that companies that use Chally’s talent management solutions have far exceeded sales performance results compared to companies using conventional methods.

Sales Performance Management Study Performed
by Aberdeen Group


Proven Results—As seen by our customers and independent research



Teams selected with Chally's assessment method were 50% more likely to achieve quota

Aberdeen Group study of 513 sales employers



Chally helped us grow freight volumes 23%

Major freight brokerage firm



Chally's selection tools resulted in a 7% higher sales win rate than other pre-employment assessment methods

CSO Insights study of 1,800 sales forces



Chally's Talent management tools helped us fill open sales territories 46% faster

Global financial services firm with 25,000 sales applications/year


Key Findings from a Survey Administered by CSO Insights

Chally Users Have:

  • Over 10% higher win rates than companies that do not use testing
  • 7% improvement over other pre-employment assessment methods

Bottom Line:

  • $4–$6 Million additional revenue
    (for 100 person sales force, based on average annual sales per person of $650,000)

Other Findings:

  • Over 90% of respondents rating Chally’s solution reported an improvement in performance
  • Sales reps selected based on Chally's assessment recommendations met quota
  • Companies using Chally significantly reduced ramp-up time

To learn more about Chally’s proven talent management services, contact Ken Caroll at kencarroll@chally.com or 800.254.5995. Or, visit Chally’s website: www.chally.com.