Why We Partner with Creditsafe 

Times are tough – inflation is rising, materials cost more and customers don’t always pay on time. At the same time, new regulations are putting more pressure on wholesalers and distributors to monitor and manage their supply chains more effectively. All these factors make it tough to keep a healthy cash flow and can increase the financial, legal and compliance risks your business is exposed to.  

That’s why NAW is proud to partner with Creditsafe, the global leader in credit monitoring and risk management. Through this partnership, we’re committed to helping our members get a better understanding of the risks that could hurt their business – from a financial, legal and reputational perspective.   

Through our partnership with Creditsafe, NAW members will get: 

  • A free data health check to see where the risks lie in your customer portfolio  
  • A free risk management consultation to determine what risk management solution is best suited for your needs 
  • A free trial of Creditsafe Protect, which means you can run KYC/ID verification, AML and compliance checks on both customers and suppliers 

Latest content and insights from Creditsafe 

Research & Trend Reports: Creditsafe produces in-depth research on key industry trends, including supply chain challenges, managing cash flow in a recession, the sales and credit control battle, AI’s role in business risk and more.  

Blogs: Each week, Creditsafe publishes new blogs that dive deeper into key pain points your business faces, including credit and risk management, supply chain challenges, the role of AI and automation, payments and more.  

Webinars: Creditsafe has a library of webinar recordings that offer useful insights and perspectives on how you can better protect and grow your business.  

Case Studies: You can find case studies from different companies that have worked with Creditsafe and seen major improvements in cash flow management, credit decisioning, supplier due diligence and more. 

See what Creditsafe is talking about in the news 

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Ready to level up your risk management efforts to protect and grow your business?  

To speak with a member of the NAW team, please contact Adam Isenberg at aisenberg@naw.org or (202) 872 – 0885.