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Senthil Gunasekaran is co-founder of ActVantage which helps distributors drive profitable growth through analytics and talent development. He has more than 18 years of experience helping hundreds of distributors and manufacturers, while co-authoring seven books for the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors. He also delivers executive education and speaks at industry forums. Prior to ActVantage, he led research and industry projects at Texas A&M’s Industrial Distribution program.

How to Make Customer Analytics Actionable with Growth Playbooks – Driving Performance with Analytics #15

You may think you’re leveraging customer analytics in your organization simply because you’ve segmented them into insights and made them available to your salespeople. But if you haven’t packaged those insights in an actionable format, it’s unlikely they’re being leveraged for customer retention and growth. You’ve done the legwork to pull those insights and segment [...]

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3 Analytics Oversights that Stunt Growth for Distributors – Driving Performance with Analytics #14

In our article, Tips to Manage Blind Spots Using the Growth Cube Framework, we outlined how analytics can help distributors avoid blind spots that manifest in distinct phases of growth planning and ultimately impede growth. These phases are Generate Growth, Manage Growth and Sustain Growth. The four foundational analytics to deploy in these Growth Cube [...]

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Tips to Manage Blind Spots Using the Growth Cube Framework – Driving Performance with Analytics #11

Growth planning has always been essential when operating a distribution company. That’s why we created the distributor’s playbook to generate-manage-sustain competitive advantage. But this year, distribution leaders must account for ways their operations have changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Today’s growth planning calls for a few changes of its own, and for many distributors, [...]

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3 Analytics Myths Holding Distributors Back – Driving Performance with Analytics #7

If you’re considering analytics as a means to drive profitable growth in 2021, you’re on the right track. The distribution industry is facing an uncertain market, digital acceleration and a changed landscape. Analytics can help distributors make data-driven decisions to stay on course and be successful. Yet many still hesitate to invest in analytics. Or [...]

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3 Steps to Managing Market Shifts with Inventory Analytics – Driving Performance with Analytics #4

The ongoing uncertainty and complexity due to COVID-19 has many longing for the days before it was part of our vocabulary—and our lives. However, the world isn’t likely to revert any time soon. That means distributors need to look forward, assess their new surroundings and reorient. One area that needs strategic adjustment is “demand planning,” [...]

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How to Leverage Sales Analytics for Successful Remote Selling – Driving Performance with Analytics #2

As distributors respond to COVID-19, they are noticing the limitations of traditional recessionary responses such as cost reduction and working capital preservation. These responses may not be optimal due to the inherent constraint of this recession: social distancing. This constraint directly affects face-to-face sales. Transitioning sales teams to work successfully in this new environment is [...]

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