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Jia Wang is Professor of Human Resource Development at Texas A&M University. As a scholar, she has been actively promoting individual and organizational development through culture-sensitive and evidence-based research. Her research work has been disseminated through a wide range of academic journals and international conferences. Jia currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Human Resource Development Review. With 25 years of accumulated experiences in multi-cultural contexts, she has developed and conducted numerous educational workshops to diverse groups in both the corporate and university settings.

Let Your Employees Surprise You! – Developing Your Workforce #8

Have you ever been described as a "micro-manager" or "control freak"? Are you the type of leader who needs to have a final say in every decision, big or small? Do you feel the need to protect "your turf"? If you can relate to any of these questions, then it’s time for you to rethink [...]

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From Purpose to Performance: Lessons for Distribution Leaders – Developing Your Workforce #7

As a distribution leader, have you ever wondered about the following questions? How do I prevent people from just “going through the motions” at work? How do I get people to devote more of themselves to work? How do I motivate people to take initiative in their jobs? How do I get people to perform [...]

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Which Talent Strategy Has Your Company Adopted? – Developing Your Workforce #6

Your company's talent strategy is directly affected by your perceptions of people — people as capital, people as resources, people as talent, and people as cost. Below are six types of talent strategies, what my coauthors, Barry Lawrence and Bharani Nagarathnam, and I call the 6 Bs, which are rooted in different propositions: Buy, Build, Borrow, [...]

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Make Performance Management TRULY Work – Developing Your Workforce #5

In digital times, performance has taken on broader meanings, and how to improve performance at both the individual and organizational levels has topped the CEO’s agenda. Many organizations are questioning the effectiveness of semi-annual/annual performance reviews and commonly used performance measures. Some forward-thinking companies such as Adobe, Accenture and Google have abandoned the traditional performance [...]

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Working with Millennials Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain – Developing Your Workforce #4

Did you know Millennials are the largest population in the U.S. labor market today? By 2025, Millennials will account for 75% of the U.S. workforce, and they are increasingly foreign-born with their first language being other than English. What does this reality tell us? Three messages: Working with Millennial employees is a new norm. Understanding [...]

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Take Employee Engagement Seriously! – Developing Your Workforce #3

Imagine your workplace where employees are passionate about coming to work and feel energized by what they do. They go beyond expectations to provide quality service. They persevere in times of challenges and adapt to change quickly. They take initiatives in recommending areas for improvement. They extend themselves to help others. Isn’t this the ideal [...]

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What Is Your Employee Value Proposition? – Developing Your Workforce #2

Whenever I interact with a CEO or a senior manager, I ask, “Who in your organization do you think is worth developing?” The consistent response is “All of my employees.” When I speak with employees, however, the responses are far from the same. They include: “I don’t feel valued.” “My opinion does not matter here.” [...]

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Why Employees Leave You – Developing Your Workforce #1

A CFO asks a CEO: “What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave?” The CEO responds: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?” These seem to be catch-22 questions. Do employees stay because employers invest in their development, or do employers invest in employee development because employees have committed to [...]

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