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Jason Hein is an experienced digital strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the industrial distribution and digital commerce industries. With a robust background in merchandising and digital sales of products relevant to B2B, Jason specializes at Bloomreach in quick-ramping on product knowledge to build digital merchandising strategies for technical products. With experience in most product lines carried by MRO and Industrial companies, he uses strong digital content and information architecture to empower teams to succeed and thrive online.

Competing like Amazon Business in a Post-Pandemic World – Differentiating with Digital Experience #3

If you have been trapped in a swamp for several weeks, you may have missed the announcement that Amazon’s B2B segment, Amazon Business, hit the $25 billion mark for worldwide revenue in March. This may not surprise you, given how Amazon’s consumer business shaped the buying habits of Millennials and Zoomers who now represent a [...]

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Driving E-commerce Excellence: The Critical Role of a Digital Experience Platform – Differentiating with Digital Experience #2

Expanding purchasing and sales online can mean great things for a distributor of B2B products — new markets, more revenue and less stress on your in-person sales force. However, for many B2B companies moving into digital for the first time, it can be overwhelming to make sense of all the new terminology, principles, metrics and [...]

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Don’t Personalize Your B2B E-commerce Site, Contextualize It – Differentiating with Digital Experience #1

Personalization is table stakes for any successful e-commerce website that offers more than a handful of products. As the diversity of products grows and each item becomes more targeted in use, it's not practical to present one's full selection to all customers (i.e., "Results 1-25 of 151,432 products"). It falls to site merchandisers to refine [...]

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