Delivering for Best-in-Class Wholesaler-Distributors
David Bauders founded Strategic Pricing Associates (SPA) in 1993 to generate profitable growth for distributors through analytics. In 2015, he founded SPASIGMA to fill a skills gap in sales teams’ ability to navigate evolving buyer practices in today’s digital economy. In 2019, David merged both companies to create SPARXiQ, which provides analytics, tools and training solutions to accelerate sales and profitability.

Ensure Your Contracts Are Profitable in the New Year – Intelligent Sales & Profit Acceleration #2

It’s no secret that contracts are a great way to secure valuable business for distributors. For many companies, they account for a significant portion of annual revenue and are critical in bringing in key customers. Unfortunately, if they are not managed carefully, contracts can become an area of business where profit leaks or slips through the [...]

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Restructuring Distributor Sales Teams to Better Serve the Modern Buyer – Intelligent Sales & Profit Acceleration #1

As modern buyers have embraced self-service (via internet searches, social media and e-commerce platforms) for much of their buyer journey, the need for traditional sellers who provide product information — and even application insights — has dropped radically. Buyers complete 70 percent of their journey before they even engage with sellers. COVID-19 has accelerated the [...]

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