Delivering for Best-in-Class Wholesaler-Distributors
Few young economists present their insights with the authority, accuracy, and humor that Connor Lokar brings to the stage. From the intimate executive retreat to the standing room-only keynote, he delivers with charm and candor, rousing and enlightening all who attend his talks. As a millennial, Connor brings a new perspective to the world of economics, delivering ITR’s industry-leading accuracy to current C-suite executives while forging connections with the next generation of business leaders. Connor specializes in construction but consults and presents to businesses across all industries, helping them grow revenue and remain profitable through an everchanging business cycle.

Preparing for the Next Phase of the Business Cycle

Planning and budgeting season is upon us. As you strategize for 2022, keep in mind that a different phase of the business cycle  ̶  Phase C, Slowing Growth,  ̶  will characterize the overall economy for the majority of 2022. Adapt your budgets, strategies, and preparation in accordance with and in anticipation of the shifting economic [...]

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