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About NAW

NAW Frequently Asked Questions

Business Services FAQ

Q: What types of Business Services are available through the NAW/SC?

A: NAW/SC offers a wide range of property & casualty and health insurance products that are designed to meet the needs of wholesaler-distributors. In addition to insurance, there are air and freight shipping, car rental and bank card processing products and services available. To learn more about one or more of these services, simply click here. To learn more about one or more of these services, click on the "Business Services" tab at the top.

Q: Do I have to be a member of NAW to take advantage of these programs or services?

A: Yes, for health insurance. It is a requirement that a firm be a member of NAW or a NAW member association to take advantage of health insurance. For all other services, membership is not required.

Q: If I am not a member of NAW, will I have to pay more for business services offered through the NAW/SC?

A: No. Participating firms pay the same price and receive the same product/service regardless of their membership status.

Q: Do I have to be a Wholesaler-Distributor to purchase business services offered through the NAW/SC?

A: In almost all cases, e.g., health insurance, air and freight shipping, car rental and bank card processing, the answer is no. Since property & casualty insurance products are designed for specific industry segments, a firm must be primarily a wholesaler-distributor to purchase this coverage.

Q: If I want to obtain an insurance quote for either health or property and casualty insurance, can I use my existing agent?

A: For health and property & casualty insurance, you may use your existing agent or we can assign an agent to assist you.

Publications FAQ

Q: How do I find out about new publications from the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence?

A: The NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence releases new publications annually. To learn about new releases, click on the Publications tab at the top of the page or contact NAW’s Publications Department at 202-872-0885.

Q: How do I order publications?

A: The easiest way to obtain NAW publications is to order from our main Publications catalog, which you’ll find by clicking on the Publications tab at the top of the page. If you prefer not to order over the Internet, there are two other ways to place your order. You can download and print the faxable order form and send NAW your order by fax or mail, or you can place your order by phone by calling NAW’s Publications Department at 202-872-0885.

Q: Does the NAW website accept credit cards?

A: Yes. NAW accepts VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

Q: Is my credit card order secure?

A: Absolutely. Our website is secure for credit card orders.

Q: I have more questions. Do you have more Publications-related FAQs?

A: Yes. Please visit NAW Institute FAQ.

Events FAQ

Q: Where can I find a complete list of events offered by NAW?

A: A complete list appears in Upcoming Events under the Events tab. Upcoming Events Page

Q: Are there any discounts I can take advantage of when I register for events?

A: Direct members will receive one complimentary registration when the CEO attends either the Large Company CEO Roundtable or the Billion Dollar Company CEO Roundtable. There are no other discounts available when registering for events.

Q: What is the attire for NAW Events and Conferences?

A: The Executive Summit held in Washington, D.C. is business attire. All other meetings are business casual.

Q: What is the difference between the Large Company Emphasis Program and the Billion Dollar Company Emphasis Program?

A: The Large Company Emphasis Program meetings are designed for executives of wholesale distribution firms with annual sales of $100 million to $ 999 million. The Billion Dollar Company Emphasis Program is open to companies with revenues in excess of one billion dollars. Billion Dollar companies can attend any Large Company Program meeting. Executives representing firms of all sizes attend the NAW Executive Summit Meeting.

Q: What is unique about a NAW Event?

A: Since NAW represents the entire industry, our meetings give you the opportunity to meet and benchmark with peers but not competitors from wholesaler-distributors from outside of your line of trade. This provides an atmosphere where you can discuss business issues openly.

Government Relations FAQ

Q: How does NAW decide which pieces of legislation to support and oppose?

A: We actively work on all Federal issues which affect the entire wholesale distribution industry. Issues are worked on as they arise in Congress, as they are brought to our attention by member companies and/or associations, or as they are initiated by NAW to try to solve emerging problems.

Q: Does NAW work on issues alone?

A: We believe there is strength in numbers, so we frequently align ourselves with like-minded business associations in issue-related coalitions. NAW serves in leadership capacities in most coalitions in which we are active.

Q: How do you activate NAW's membership when grassroots action is needed?

A: Using e-mails, the website, faxes and mail as necessary, we send "action alerts" to our corporate members and the members of the member associations who belong to NAW and partner with NAW in the Legislative E-Alert Program to inform them of efforts which need to be exerted at the grassroots level to prompt Congress to take legislative action in our industry's behalf.

Q: Who may contribute to NAW-PAC's Political Action Fund?

A: Any individual who is a U.S. citizen may contribute up to $5,000 per year to NAW-PAC's PAF. However, NAW-PAC may solicit PAF contributions only from members of our "restricted class," i.e., the executive and administrative personnel (and their families) and stockholders (and their families) of NAW Direct Member firms and member companies of NAW member associations, that grant us solicitation permission.

Q: Who may contribute to NAW-PAC's Corporate Political Education Fund?

A: Anyone - including corporations, trade associations and individuals - may contribute without limit to CPEF.

Q: Are there limits on my ability to permit NAW-PAC to solicit my employees for PAF contributions?

A: Your company may grant solicitation permission to one association political action committee that contributes to candidates for federal office, in the same calendar year.

Q: Are contributions to NAW-PAC deductible for income tax purposes?

A: Personal contributions to PAF are not tax deductible. Corporate contributions to CPEF may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Please consult your tax advisor for guidance.

About NAW

Q: How big is the wholesale distribution industry?

A: In 2010, wholesaler-distributors achieved sales of $4.2 trillion, bouncing back from the overall industry sales decline recorded during the recent recession. At 5.5 million employees, wholesale distribution accounts for approximately one in every 20 jobs in the United States.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a member of NAW?

A: NAW members enjoy a variety of benefits and services. For more information, click on the "Member Benefits" tab at the top.

Q: Does NAW provide lists of wholesaler-distributors?

A: No. At the request of our members, NAW does not provide mailing lists of wholesalers.

Q: Does NAW offer products and services for the wholesale distribution industry?

A: Yes, NAW offers a significant number of critical wholesale distribution-specific publications through the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence and a wide variety of business services through the NAW Service Corporation for NAW members and nonmembers. Click on the Publications or Business Services tabs at the top of the page for more details.

Q: Does NAW hold any events that are open to non-members?

A: Yes. NAW offers several events throughout the year, in various locations in the U.S., for NAW members and non-members alike. Click on the "Events" tab at the top for more details.