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“AskNAW” is designed to bring a business benchmarking tool to your desktop, which provides you with the answers to key business questions. By using “AskNAW,” you can ask questions on any business subject you like and receive answers quickly. Additionally, you may receive requests from other wholesale distribution executives asking you to participate in their inquiries. All of this is done anonymously (unless you choose to include the name of your company in your response or question).

How Does It Work?

Once you login, you submit a question that will anonymously (unless you choose to include the name of your company in your response or question) go to those that match the parameters you set.

For example: if you have an HR related question, you could direct your question to HR executives only, with companies whose sales are relative to your own. Then, as answers come in you will be able to review what has been submitted. Any company that responds to the question can view the answers. As an added benefit, if you would like to explore a particular response further, we have the capability of putting the two parties in touch, off-line, so you can pursue this topic in more detail. All user information will be kept strictly confidential.

Signing In

It is important to be signed in to access “AskNAW”. You can sign in by going to the Login Page. If you forget your password, you can use the “Forgot Your Password? Click here to Reset” link on the login page to reset your password.

If you are not directed to AskNAW after logging in, we need to add you to the AskNAW membership list. Please fill out our membership form to gain access: AskNAW Signup Form.

Open Questions Tab

This section of “AskNAW” contains all of the open questions that are available for you to answer, listed in reverse chronological order.

To view the responses or respond to a question click on the “[view/respond]” link.

You may also browse the archive of closed questions by clicking on the “Archive” link at the top left below the tabs. Closed questions will not accept further responses.

My Questions Tab

This section of “AskNAW” contains all of the questions that you have asked in the past, including your open questions.

Approval Process

Once a question is asked, it is held for approval by NAW staff (During this time it will be shown as “Pending Approval”). After it is approved, it is placed into the sending queue which is processed once per hour (During this time it will be shown as “In Sending Queue”). All sent questions show the date at which the question was sent.

Question Sending Form

A description of the form options follows:

  • Category – The main category for your question. This does not affect who will receive your question, only how it will appear in the archives.
  • Question – Put the text of your question here.
  • Titles – Choose at least one job title for your question to be sent to.
  • Departments – If you chose any Junior Executives in the Titles box (all except President, Chairman) you must choose at least one department to direct your question to.
  • Sales Volume – Choose at least one sales volume category to send your question to.


At any time you may search all the questions by keyword by clicking on the “Search” tab.

"AskNAW" Legal Notice

By entering “AskNAW”, you are required to accept the AskNAW Terms of Use.