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  • How to Become an Exceptional Distributor Sales Leader Dave Kahle
  • Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century, Second Edition Dave Kahle
  • Insights & Answers: Real-Life Solutions to Help Distributor Salespeople Dave Kahle
  • How to Excel at Distributor Sales, Third Edition Dave Kahle

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Four Top-Selling Favorites by Dave Kahle in this Bundle:

How to Become an Exceptional Distributor Sales Leader

For Distributor Sales Leaders: Shorten your learning curve, prevent costly mistakes, and implement effective practices that will lead to exceptional performance. There has never been a time when sales leadership has been more crucial to the survival of wholesale distribution companies. In this practical handbook, Dave Kahle shares years of useful, hands-on experience with answers to the 50 most crucial questions asked by distributor sales leaders.

Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century, Second Edition

For Distributor Sales Managers and Sales Executives: Distribution companies, by their nature, should be sales-oriented companies. However, many distributors don't do sales very well. That's the premise behind this book by Dave Kahle. It provides a blueprint to transform sales forces into highly directable, effective, and focused performers. It describes “11 Highest Potential Initiatives” in a down-to-earth, clear style that makes it easy to implement immediately within a distribution business in the current economic environment.

Insights & Answers: Real-Life Solutions to Help Distributor Salespeople

For Distributor Sales Managers and Salespeople: This powerful guide is like putting sales expert Dave Kahle’s wisdom inside your head whenever you need it. Over the years, Kahle has shared the gems of wisdom found in this book in his seminars and in his writing. Now, he has assembled the best and most useful of these insights and answers in a single book for your easy reference and practical inspiration.

How to Excel at Distributor Sales, Third Edition

For Distributor Salespeople: Widely known as the "distributor salesperson's bible," this book by Dave Kahle is designed to empower wholesale distribution salespeople with the skills they need to be successful in the communication age.

What Readers Have to Say

"Because each chapter in How to Become an Exceptional Distributor Sales Leader addresses a specific question, it is easy to focus on those chapters that are most relevant. This is a book that I think every distributor branch manager and sales manager should read."
— Rudy Wieschorster, Senior Vice President, Independent Supply Company, Inc.
"How to Become an Exceptional Distributor Sales Leader is timely and up- to-date, and it addresses the real-world concerns of distributor sales efforts. I found the honest, upfront style to be refreshing and necessary. This book gets down to the nuts-and-bolts of everyday distributor selling. I’d recommend it for every distributor who is looking to revitalize and grow business."
— Gene Newburg, Vice President, Industrial Sales, Sales Machinery Inc.
"Dave speaks to us with frankness, knowledge, and experience that I wish I had when I entered the business. Not only is How to Become an Exceptional Distributor Sales Leader a great read, but a go-to manual for answers to the challenges distributors face every day."
— Chet Murphy, Vice President for Market Development, Brenntag North America, Inc.
"How to Become an Exceptional Distributor Sales Leader is Dave Kahle's best book yet. It provides a clear, focused action list to address any sales issue a distributor may have. The Q-and-A layout provides a quick look up to any challenge. It's a must-read for all sales leaders in wholesale distribution."
— Michael Souder, Regional Vice President, Winwholesale, Inc.
"How to Become an Exceptional Distributor Sales Leader presents real-world questions concerning sales- related issues and questions facing today’s business leaders. Dave’s question-and-answer format is easy to read and provides high value and action-oriented advice. This is a must-read for those responsible for improving business sales process, accountability, and results."
— Fred Cuda, CEO, The Blake Group
"Dave has hit the mark on issues we face when managing a sales force, past and present. How to Become an Exceptional Distributor Sales Leader is easy to read and understand, and offers practical solutions. Thank you for reminding me of what I have forgotten and giving us new direction that is practical and on target for today and the future."
— Chris Saxton, CEO, Pace, Inc.
"Everything makes so much sense. I wish I had Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century, Second Edition 15 years ago. I particularly appreciated the idea of training the salespeople to a minimum level of competency, and then helping to stimulate them to mastery. What a great way to understand what to do in terms of sales force training!"
— Bob Burdette, President, Nunn Electric Supply Corporation
"Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century, Second Edition lays out the game plan for building an effective sales organization. I've learned to think differently because of it. Kahle’s prescriptions are compelling and easy to follow. Every serious executive who has anything to do with the sales force should study this. When it comes to the processes of selling, there is none more knowledgeable than Dave Kahle......he's the best!"
— Les Young, Vice President--Corporate Services, Aerospace Products International
"Insights & Answers reminds you of leading sales techniques that will build your customer base and increase your sales. If you're in the business of distributor sales this manual will boost your communications, planning, knowledge, visibility, and confidence. Kahle tells you to ask people what they do and help them do it better by selling into their priorities. Seems clear enough to me, given that the author doesn't only write, he also sells!"
— Julie Webb, Senior Training & Development Specialist, Mohawk Industries
"Dave Kahle has come to the rescue of anyone trying to create or improve their sales system. Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century, Second Edition provides a comprehensive program for a dynamic sales function. It is easy to read and comprehend. Each chapter covers actionable ideas that can make an immediate impact. His principles have transformed my thinking. I enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone responsible for the sales effectiveness of others."
— Tom Fehsenfeld, President, Crystal Flash Energy
"I just don't know how you could not be successful using Insights & Answers as a guide with your salespeople!"
— Doug Rathbun, Senior Vice President, Lumbermen's Inc.
"Dave Kahle's latest book, Insights & Answers, offers the Kahle faithful a host of new tips and techniques for facing the distribution sales world with new tactics for our every changing sales environment. For those new to the teachings of Mr. Kahle, it will become very clear that the observations outlined in this book, along with suggested responses, are today's reality. No matter what business practice or procedure is being discussed, everyone agrees that the pace of change picks up speed every day. Sales managers as well as sales reps need to be keenly aware of the new hurdles and obstacles faced in today's marketplace and equip themselves with the appropriate tools and resources to adjust to the fast-paced changes. This book provides a great basis to arm the salesforce with insight into today's most commonly asked questions along with thought-provoking answers."
— Jim Scarlett, Scarlett Machinery, Inc.
"Insights & Answers is a must-read for distribution sales and management. Dave begins by reminding us that change is absolutely necessary. With a background in distribution sales, Dave presents a complex understanding of the fear associated with change. He then supports the refreshing proposition that salespeople need to change their behavior and take responsibility for their own actions. Amazing, I think all society can take a lesson from these pages. As if this were not refreshing enough, we then learn that the old-fashion values of hard work and integrity are the keys to building lasting relationships. Dave is an excellent communicator. In these pages he shares many of his experiences using a question-and-answer format. I will definitely keep a copy of Insights & Answers available at all times."
— Stan Johnson, Vice President, National Sales, SAFEO, Inc.
"Insights & Answers is another terrific developmental tool from Dave Kahle that presents information concisely and logically. I recommend it for any salesperson at any level."
— John Pirner, Powermation
"Insights & Answers is a great book for all salespeople, but particularly for distributor representatives. I've been in the business for 35 years and I found the book to be right on the money in terms of philosophy and mindset. I particularly enjoyed chapter three, which deals with integrity as a sales strategy. Trust is a critical issue in the selling profession and as Dave says it, ‘the more your customer trusts you, the less risk your customer feels in dealing with you, and the less time necessary to invest in understanding the product, service, or program you are offering!"
— William A. Fidler, President, Brenntag Mid-South, Inc.
"Dave's common sense approach to today's issues in Insights & Answers is refreshing and valuable to sales 'rookies' as well as seasoned veterans."
— Tom Rosendahl, Senior Vice President, Sales/Marketing, Dakota Supply Group, Inc.
"Wow! Insights & Answers is a refreshing and right-on book pertaining to professional distributor sales. My 25+ years of selling have taught me that the principles that Dave Kahle covers in this book should apply to everyone in distribution sales."
— Thomas E. Ehigh, Sales Manager, Consolidated Supply Company
"I just ordered copies of How to Excel at Distributor Sales for each of our salespeople to read and put into action right away. We are in the process of revamping our compensation program and our sales management procedures, so I know this book will help us. I wish I had made this purchase a long time ago."
— Dean Meier, President, Waukesha Industrial Supply, Inc.
"How to Excel at Distributor Sales covers new territory in distribution sales. I have never read anything so specific to our industry and to the kind of selling my people do. I can't wait to put this book in the hands of every one of my salespeople. Anyone who reads and follows through on the instruction this book offers can't help but increase sales."
— Dale R. Fraaza, President, Cargo Heavy Duty

About the Author

Dave Kahle

info page

Dave is a noted consultant and speaker, who specializes in distribution sales. He has acquired his message through real-life experience. Dave has been the number one salesperson in the country for two different companies in two distinct industries. He took a new territory to more than $5,000,000 in sales in 5 short years, becoming the number one salesperson in the nation. Dave’s experience evolved as General Manager of a start-up division of a distribution company that grew from $10,000 in monthly sales, to more than $200,000 in 3 years. He is President of The DaCo Corporation.

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