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The Best Distribution Sales Book Ever!

Joseph C. Ellers

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The Best Distribution Sales Book Ever! covers the distributor sales job from soup to nuts—from prospecting to closing—and every step in between. Your most important job as a distributor salesperson is to find new opportunities and then drive them to either a sale or a “no.” Huge amounts of distributor sales are lost simply because the momentum peters out. We allow this to happen when we’re not clear about what is supposed to occur next and when we don’t put ourselves in position to move the opportunity forward. You are most valuable to your customers when you’re the catalyst for making things happen in the sales process. Don’t ever forget this value.

Author Joe Ellers says distribution selling requires you to make things happen, not let things happen. Make sure you’re always looking for chances to be proactive.

In The Best Distribution Sales Book Ever! Ellers walks you through the nine rules to master distribution sales:

  • Sell, don’t take orders.
  • Selling is about customers, not orders.
  • Selling is a science (and an art form).
  • Use questions, not statements, whenever possible.
  • Create real sales power for yourself.
  • Know your disaster index (the maximum dollars that you are at risk of losing in a given year) and do something about it.
  • Focus on activities; results will follow.
  • Three things really matter: finding customers, finding people, and finding opportunities.
  • Remember the Isaac Rule of Selling: Be willing to change your habits to be more effective and to act on activities to change a behavior or a result.

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Extended Description

Ellers has five themes about mastering distribution sales woven through this book:

  • Have a plan to compare your actual with planned outcomes. This will allow you to gauge the activities that you need to accomplish to produce your desired results.
  • Think about sales as a process. This way you know where you are, what you need to do now, and what you need to do next.
  • Be prepared; don’t just wing it. If you’ve thought about it and rehearsed it, you’re ready to deal with it.
  • Aggressively move your opportunity forward. Remember, you are most valuable to your customer when you’re the catalyst for making things happen in the sales process.
  • Hold yourself accountable. Don’t blame failure on others--the customer, their organization, the economy. Take responsibility for your results and control what you can control. Spend time looking for customers and opportunities. Focus on what you can do and hold yourself to a higher standard.

Take the time to do the careful work in each chapter. To really drive your learning process, consider working through this book with another salesperson or with your manager. Spend enough time answering the preliminary questions before reading each chapter, and be sure to complete the chapter assignments to do it right. This way, each day, you’ll move at least one step closer to distributor sales mastery!

About the Author

Joseph C. Ellers

info page

Joe has been responsible for more than $2 billion in sales, most of it within the distribution channel, during his 30 years in sales. He is director of Palmetto Associates, a training and consulting firm based in Clemson, South Carolina. Joe has worked with more than 1,000 customers, worldwide, to help them increase sales and margins.

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