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BRAND-NEW! CUSTOMIZED 2014 Employee Compensation Report (3 Volumes)

Watch Al Bates of Profit Planning Group discuss why payroll and fringe benefits represent the name of the game in distribution. To help you understand payroll and fringe benefits and where your firm stands within the industry, Al encourages you to order the NAW 2014 Employee Compensation Report

This CUSTOMIZED Report offer is only available from NAW and it expires August 1, 2014. As soon as you complete your purchase of this three-volume NAW 2014 Employee Compensation Report, you'll receive links to immediately download Volume 1 (PDF) and Volume 2 (Excel file) to your desktop and to your mobile device. You'll also receive a link to complete and submit your company survey by August 1 to receive your customized Volume 3.

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As the U.S. economy continues its sluggish recovery, wholesaler-distributors are reconsidering their staffing needs and how to attract and keep top performers.

The brand-new NAW 2014 Employee Compensation Report focuses on data from nearly 1,000 wholesaler-distributors from across multiple lines of trade. It lets you see how your company’s compensation program compares with those of other wholesale distribution companies. With this report, you'll have all the benchmarks and backup you need to budget employee pay and benefits with confidence!

The NAW 2014 Employee Compensation Report gives you breakouts by:

  • Company size in more than 20 sales volume categories from the smallest to $1 billion and above
  • Job title from warehouse employee to vice president to CEO—more than 30 different titles
  • Geography by more than 100 specific areas in the United States, plus Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Compensation, including:
    • Salaries, bonuses, and perks
    • Sales commission plans
    • Retirement income programs
    • Health care programs
    • End-of-year bonus arrangements
    • Vacation and holiday pay

New Releases

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Distribution Online Courses

Financial Management

  • The Acquisitive Distributor: 4 Keys to Success When Buying a Wholesale Distribution Business
    Brent R. Grover

Human Resources Management and Training

Profit, Pricing, and Operations Improvement

  • Customer Stratification: Best Practices for Boosting Profitability
    F. Barry Lawrence, Ph.D., Pradip Krishnadevarajan, Senthil Gunasekaran
  • In Search of the Perfect Customer: Cost-to-Serve for Distributors
    Brent R. Grover
  • Lean Operations in Wholesale Distribution
    Dr. Perry Daneshgari, Michelle Wilson

  • NAW Online Course: Quality Processes in Distribution
  • NEW! Pricing Optimization: Striking the Right Balance for Margin Advantage
    Pradip Krishnadevarajan, Senthil Gunasekaran, F. Barry Lawrence, Ph.D., Brijesh Rao
  • Optimizing Distributor Profitability: Best Practices to a Stronger Bottom Line
    F. Barry Lawrence, Ph.D., Senthil Gunasekaran, Pradip Krishnadevarajan

  • Price for Success: An Online Course for the Wholesale Distribution Sales Team
  • Profit Myths in Wholesale Distribution: The Truth About Sales, Margins, Inventory, and Expenses
    Albert D. Bates, DBA
  • Strategic Pricing for Distributors: Tools and Rules for Building Higher Margins
    Brent R. Grover

  • Triple Your Profit! Stop Being a Profit Soldier and Start Being a Profit Winner
    Albert D. Bates, DBA

Sales Management

  • 5 Fundamentals for the Wholesale Distribution Sales Manager
    Tim Horan, Steve Deist
  • B-to-B Selling Bundle
    Gary T. Moore
  • BRAND-NEW! The Future of Selling: The End of Sales as We Know It
    Howard Stevens

  • Driving Distributor Sales Beyond: Best Practices for Outselling Your Competitors
    Dirk Beveridge
  • Effective Sales Incentive Design for Distributors: What’s the Right Plan?
    Mike Emerson, Steve Deist
  • Essentials of Profitable Inside Sales in Distribution©
    Jim Olsztynski

  • NEW! Getting the Most Out of CRM: Best Practices for Wholesaler-Distributors
    Mark Dancer
  • Objective-Based Selling™ in Wholesale Distribution: Four Keys to Selling More at Higher Gross Margins
    Gary T. Moore
  • Sales and Marketing Optimization: Developing Competitive Value Propositions in Distribution
    Senthil Gunasekaran, Pradip Krishnadevarajan, F. Barry Lawrence, Ph.D.

  • Sales Leadership Power Package
    Dave Kahle
  • Sales Success Power Package
    Dave Kahle
  • Sharpening Your Competitive Edge: How to Strengthen Your Distribution Sales Team for Top Results
    Jim Pancero

  • Taking Charge of Distribution Sales: 9 Proven Skills to Lead and Manage Your Sales Team
    Gary T. Moore
  • The Best Distribution Sales Book Ever!
    Joseph C. Ellers
  • The Distributor Specialist: Customer Champion, Profit Generator!
    Frank E. Hurtte

  • Transforming Data into Action: Using Analytics for Better Distributor Sales Decisions
    Tony Pericle
  • Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century, Second Edition
    Dave Kahle
  • What's Your Plan? Smart Salesforce Compensation in Wholesale Distribution
    Mike Marks, Mike Emerson

Strategy Development, Execution, and Management

  • Strategic Planning for Distributors: Execution Isn’t Everything—It’s the Only Thing!
    Tom O'Connor
  • Value Creation Strategies for Wholesaler-Distributors
    Steve Deist, Mike Marks, Mike Emerson

Supply Chain Management

  • Build, Fix, or Terminate: The Distributor’s Guide to More Profitable Supplier Relations
    Jim Narus, Bob Donath
  • NAW Online Course: Manufacturer-Distributor Relationships
  • Working at Cross-Purposes: How Distributors and Manufacturers Can Manage Conflict Successfully
    Mike Marks, Tim Horan, Mike Emerson

Trends in Wholesale Distribution

  • Facing the Forces of Change®: Decisive Actions for an Uncertain Economy – available as an e-book
    Guy Blissett
  • NAW Advisor, a monthly 6-page economic snapshot of the wholesale distribution industry
    Alan Beaulieu
  • NEW! Facing the Forces of Change®: Reimagining Distribution in a Connected World
    Guy Blissett

Warehouse and Inventory Management

  • Achieving Effective Inventory Management, Fifth Edition with EIM Version 3 Spreadsheets!
    Jon Schreibfeder
  • Auditing Warehouse Performance PLUS Warehousing Forum newsletter
    Ken Ackerman
  • Lean Warehousing PLUS Warehousing Forum newsletter
    Ken Ackerman

  • The Time, Space & Cost Guide to Better Warehouse Design, Second Edition
    Maida Napolitano
  • Warehouse Productivity
    Pat Kelley, Ron Hounsell
  • Warehousing Tips PLUS Warehousing Forum newsletter
    Ken Ackerman

Wholesale Distribution Basics

  • 5 Fundamentals for the Wholesale Distribution Branch Manager, Second Edition
    Jim Ambrose
  • 5 Fundamentals Series Bundle
    Jim Ambrose, Tim Horan, Steve Deist
  • Essentials of Profitable Wholesale Distribution©, Second Edition
    Jim Olsztynski