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Collections for the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Provided by Brown & Joseph, Ltd.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results!

Since the beginning of accounts receivable collection, collection agencies and debt recovery law firms have approached collections in the same manner. Collection agencies send letters and make phone calls but cannot sue debtors. So when collection actions fail they forward the cases to an attorney with the intent to file suit, which results in increased contingency fees and the addition of court costs.

In 1999 Brown & Joseph, Ltd. realized the economic environment was changing and debtors became more informed about circumventing the collection and legal process. With change, a new approach to accounts receivable recovery was needed. Industry experts were sought out, employed and given the task to create a new and innovative approach. An approach that would provide solutions to the age old methods employed by collection agencies and attorneys.

Bad Debt Recovery Process

The Solution for today’s economic environment is Brown and Joseph’s new approach to the bad debt recovery process that blends credit risk assessment, the operations and technology of a collection agency with the impact of law office contingency collections at the same contingency fee range that you pay now to your collection agency!

“Why pay a collection agency when you can get the impact of a law firm for the same contingency fee you pay now to your agency and increase recoveries that average 10-15% higher!

Because of their success and reputation among our members, the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors has entered into a strategic partnership with Brown & Joseph, Ltd. a company that provides B2B collection services. Brown & Joseph’s B2B collection services increases cash flow and reducing debt write-offs, resulting in an increase to bottom-line profits. Brown & Joseph, Ltd. can effectively and efficiently assist in managing your credit risk assessments and commercial debt recovery functions.

“We at the N.A.W., believe that Brown & Joseph, Ltd. has the industry expertise, financial experience and commitment to make this new relationship a powerful receivables management tool for wholesaler-distributors. Typically, a wholesale-distributor has up to 40% of its assets in receivables, so this is a strategically critical area of management concern, especially in the current economic climate. Brown & Joseph, Ltd. understands that every industry where business to business bad debt collections are pursued has specific situations and terms that are industry exclusive. The key to successfully collecting within your industry is the knowledge of your industry, the knowledge of these unique situations and communicating in these terms with the debtor. It is also equally important when communicating and reporting progress to our clients. The Brown & Joseph staff is fully trained and has years of experience collecting Wholesale Distribution past due receivables.

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